Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Double Trouble Pose Pack by Amber Lights

 Double Trouble Pose Pack by Amber Lights
Do you have uncontrollable tots that just won't let up? Do you want to bask in the cuteness of the moment rather than simply being infuriated by the aftermath of what your tots have done? Well, look no further! This pose pack by Amber Lights will help you capture all of the aggravatingly adorable moments with your tots! Welcome to Double Trouble!
  • Includes 9 poses total. 8 for the tots, and 1 for the dog-be mindful that that pose for the dog is not pictured because my game doesn't pose animals, but if it has worked for yours in the past, then it will with this one-don't worry. c:
  • They're on the pose list, but the codes are included for a quicker activation if needed.
  • As always, do not reupload these under any circumstances. Issues? Message me.
I developed this entire pack on my own, so I guess all the credits go to me this time around. :P I will thank each and every one of you for being so awesome and encouraging me to even get this far with pose making! I love you all!


  1. XD OMG... Please make more little trouble maker toddler poses... especially with teens and child... SO CUTE!!!

  2. Вау! Это очень прекрасные позы! =) дети выглядят очень милыми, сразу видно, что у них счастливое детство (: спасибо за эту красоту! Я качаю! *--*
    ещё никакие детские позы ТАК не производили на меня впечатление, как эти *--*
    О боже, спасибо вам))

  3. This adorable! Definitely going to use these for my challenge! :)