Saturday, August 18, 2012

Makeup Pose Pack by Amber Lights

Makeup Pose Pack by Amber Lights
So to make up for being the most absent simmer EVER this week, I am going to go ahead and release these two poses as an extremely tiny pose pack. Real life is catching up with me, and I couldn't think of any other poses to put with this pack, so here you go. I hope they aren't so horrid and no one wants them.
  • As usual, they're on the pose list.
  • There are 2 poses total: one for a client and one for the makeup artist
  • The hands may or may not align well on the client due to the facial structures of each individual sim. They didn't align in my game, so it really depends.
  • Requested by Allidoissim, but I created them on my own.
  • Do not reupload under any circumstances.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Double Trouble Pose Pack by Amber Lights

 Double Trouble Pose Pack by Amber Lights
Do you have uncontrollable tots that just won't let up? Do you want to bask in the cuteness of the moment rather than simply being infuriated by the aftermath of what your tots have done? Well, look no further! This pose pack by Amber Lights will help you capture all of the aggravatingly adorable moments with your tots! Welcome to Double Trouble!
  • Includes 9 poses total. 8 for the tots, and 1 for the dog-be mindful that that pose for the dog is not pictured because my game doesn't pose animals, but if it has worked for yours in the past, then it will with this one-don't worry. c:
  • They're on the pose list, but the codes are included for a quicker activation if needed.
  • As always, do not reupload these under any circumstances. Issues? Message me.
I developed this entire pack on my own, so I guess all the credits go to me this time around. :P I will thank each and every one of you for being so awesome and encouraging me to even get this far with pose making! I love you all!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Breakup Pose Pack by Amber Lights

 For all your sassy mama's who don't need no man!
  • 6 poses included, 3 for each side of the argument (though you can mix n' match)
  • They're on the pose list, as usual
  • As requested by entelligent and and many others
  • The actual pack was made and developed completely by me

Monday, July 30, 2012

Love Through Time Part 1 by Amber Lights

 Love Through Time Part 1 by Amber Lights
Okay, so I got an idea, and I wanted to run with it. Not all couples meet one another at a college party, get drunk, have sex, and-
Well, you get the point.
Some couple meet by birth, fall in love but never admit it, and stay best friends for Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence, for example.
So that's what I wanted to achieve in part 1 of this 3 part "Through Time" pose pack. I wanted to create a pose from toddlers years, to child years, to adult years that just simply didn't change-the same little kids still sitting on that same chair, laughing over the same joke, and enjoying life like sims should.
  • 6 poses total, 2 for toddlers, 2 for children, and 2 for teens/young adults/adults/elders.
  • They're on the pose list. :D
This idea was developed completely by me, but as always, I'd like to thank all of my followers (now over 500! :O) for inspiring me to get creative. You guys are so friendly and freakin' AWESOME!

Life of a Pregnant Sim by Amber Lights

There’s plenty of poses out there for having photo shoots with your pregnant sims…there’s countless poses of sims holding their bellies with their partner, gazing down at the belly, other sims kissing their belly…but what you never see is a look into what a sim actually goes through every day of her pregnancy, so that’s what I bring you today: a day in the life of a pregnant sim (with one pose for a photo shoot ^_^).
  • There are 4 single poses included-no couple poses.
  • They are pose list compatible.
  • The pose on the bed and the pose in front of the couch work best like that-in front of the couch and on the bed. They’re already at that height, so no OMSP needed.
I actually had a bit of help with this pose pack!
  • Thanks to aphroditeisimmoral for taking the time to send me pictures that ended up being 3 of the poses in this pack…the fact that she took time out of her day to help me out without prompting is kind beyond words! I appreciate it so much!
  • Also, thanks to msalice for helping me out by testing the pose list! My game hates me, and your quick assistance was very appreciated. <333
  • And lastly, there’s me. These poses were made completely by me, so under no circumstances should you have to reupload these or claim them as your own.
I love each and every one of you, and as I near my next milestone (500 followers), I get more and more anxious as to what you guys will want to see and how creative you will be with what I’ve already put out. Once again, thank you so much for your support of this new venture of mine up until now, and I hope I can continue to please you all to the best of my ability.
Lots of love…cheers! <333

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cute Couple Pose Pack (Part 1)

 Through a process of asking you guys what pose packs you wanted to see, a lot of you were into a non-sexual, but cute couples pose pack...well, that's what I bring you today!
  • As usual, these poses are on the pose list
  • There are 8 poses included and 4 sets of poses, as you can see in the photos. 
  • Do not reupload under any circumstances. These were created entirely be me.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Family Fun with a Tot! Pose Pack

Family Fun with a Tot! Pose Pack
So this took a few days for me to do! I am planning on making one family pose pack focusing on each age group, so I decided to start with a single toddler, and then later I’ll go into twins and triplet family poses! So much cute!
  • YES, all twelve of these poses are on the pose list with according descriptions and names. Don’t worry, posing your sims in these adorable fashions will be a piece of cake!
  • Because each is named something different (baby, mom, and dad), theyshow up in different spots on the pose list, but don’t worry-they’re all there.
  • I know that some people thought the pose where the father is holding the daughter upside down to be cruel, but it’s supposed to be silly! Little tots enjoy that, and it’s not meant to look cruel at all! I hope you can have fun with it.
  • Also, DON’T REUPLOAD. These were created entirely by me. 
Thank you guys so much for following me, and I am so excited to see how creative you guys get with these! Let me know how you like them! c:

Monday, July 23, 2012

You Make Me Happy! Pose Pack




Hello my dear followers! c:
Today I bring you my very first pose pack that also happens to double as a follower gift. It’s called You Make Me Happy! because you all make me happier than you can imagine with your kindness and support, and that’s what I focused on when I made this: happiness. 
Details of Pack:
  • This pose package contains four poses as pictured above. 
  • Yes, they ARE on the pose list, so don’t worry: you don’t have to memorize 50 codes like the old days. I only included the actual codes in case you don't have the list or something...but yes, they are on the list. LOOK: 

  • They are smiling in every pose, as you can see. Let’s be HAPPY!
You don’t have to, but if you use any of my poses and take pictures and post the pictures, it would really mean a lot to me if you tag it with #pixlesque. I want to see how creative you guys and gals are!
So once again, thank you for allowing me to reach over 400 followers! Every single one of you mean the world to me, and you truly do bring out the best in me. :’) 
Edit: I copied and pasted the information below the pictures from Tumblr, which is where I have over 400 followers. I am aware I have no followers on here. ^_^ 
Let me know what you think!


Since I've recently started delving into poses, I thought I would make this site to keep everything in order. You can visit my tumblr, wordpress, and youtube channel for more of me!
And yes, I am Amber Lights, the one who did the 100 baby challenge and is now doing the Pretty. Odd. legacy...just to clarify. I'm known as a lot of different things, and though my real name isn't Amber, I thought it might be nice to keep a steady name. c:
P.S. This site won't only be poses...I will also be including sims I make, lots I build, and maybe even clothes one day! :D